Befrienders is a voluntary organisation which has been working with children and young people and their families in Argyll and Bute since 1989.   


The members of our Management Committee have a shared wealth of experience in working with children and their families throughout Argyll.  They meet every six weeks to oversee and guide the project.  The Management Committee is also involved in fundraising for the Project.  Our Chairperson is Douglas Whyte. 


Our Project Director, Cathi Bertin, has been involved with Befrienders for almost thirty years.  Cathi manages all aspects of the Project.   Cathi is assisted by Margaret Soudan, our Project Worker and our Support Worker, Pete Laws who is based in Helensburgh.  Russell Anderson is our volunteer Treasurer.


We have volunteer befrienders throughout Argyll and Bute.  Each befriending relationship has its own particular way of working and will last for months or years as necessary.  Some will meet on a weekly basis, some once or twice a month.  Some will pursue a hobby or an interest, some will visit the befriender's house and some will go on outings.  Befrienders is not about "treats" but more about encouraging and supporting friendships between the volunteer and child or young person.


The friendship which develops between the volunteer and the child or young person is the key and can help the child or young person gain in confidence and have a more positive self-image.  The activities which the volunteer and the child or young person may do in the process of the friendship are often just vehicles to build up confidence and trust.



We are always in need of volunteer befrienders.  If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact Cathi.

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Our Director

Our AGM 

1st November 2018 

MS Centre, Lochgilphead